Welcome NaNo Blog Hoppers!

For those of you who followed me here as part of the NaNo hop, I’m excited to connect with you! I’ve seen so many great blogs and #NaNoWriMo projects over the past couple weeks. I’m eager to get to know more about you and your work.

I am mostly finished with follows, but I confess I lost my place a couple times along the longer lists (::cough:: Twitter ::cough::). If I haven’t followed you, that might be the reason. That said, there were some I didn’t follow/follow back.

Twitter: If I saw a feed had a lot of promo, mostly RT’s, or contained political-style commentary, I didn’t follow. I’m sorry we weren’t a right fit, but it’s bound to happen in a group with hundreds of writers. If this doesn’t describe your feed and I still didn’t follow you, please give me a shout out!

Blogs/sites: I added almost everyone, save a rare few that fell into the above categories or whose work focuses on children’s fiction (not YA). As a romance author, kid lit didn’t strike me as a natural crossover.

Goodreads: this was the only other list I didn’t finish, but I got to most of you, I think. Goodreads “author” pages focusing on children’s books were an exception.

Facebook: I only got around to some of you before we were told to wait for next month.

Feel free to comment here or click the above links to connect with me on social media if I somehow missed you. Nice meeting you all!

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