Never the Bridesmaid

Never the Bridesmaid
Book 2 of the Going to the Altar series
May 29, 2019

The series continues…
Three best friends. Six weddings. True love can be
easy to miss, especially when you’re not looking for it. 

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One man wants her money. Another wants her to save him. The third is hiding who he really is. And her father wants them all gone.

Daniel Harris III is the heir to a business fortune who was raised to fill his father’s shoes. To unlock his trust fund and executive career, he must earn a living on his own. When a family acquaintance hires him as the handyman for a wealthy mountain estate, he disguises his identity to avoid being treated differently and avoid questions he doesn’t want to answer.

The boss’s daughter, Angela Jackson, has no idea that the new handyman was once the boy who spent holidays near her home. Between the return of an old flame, a friend just out of rehab, and the discovery of her mother’s affair, she barely notices that Dan’s skill for fixing things could use some work. But his smile and willingness to help adds one more issue to her pile…she’s falling for him even though her father fired the last handyman who wanted to date her.

After dealing with landmines of deceit and ulterior motives all around her, discovering that Dan is one more liar-and that he might only be interested in her money-is too much to handle. But can she really forget a man who rescued puppies and made her breakfast while wearing a pink, frilly apron?

A contemporary romance that will make you laugh, sigh, and go “awww.”  There’s no pesky cliffhanger, just a satisfying HEA ending. This is Book 2 of the Going to the Altar series. The books can be read stand-alone, but reading them in order is even more fun!