Bits and Bobs April 2018: House Hunt, Book Writing

Bits and Bobs is my monthly update featuring personal tidbits and writing news.

Bits and Bobs for April 2018…

March flew by so fast I didn’t even get an update done! Here’s what has been happening…



House Hunt

For the past couple of months, every spare moment when I’m not working/writing/sleeping has been spent shopping for a house. A couple offers didn’t pan out, a couple more were tried but never made because the places sold before we could even draw up the papers. It’s a crazy, competitive wild hunt to be sure. Here’s hoping our efforts are fruitful.

And if I’m lucky, the new place might even have a full-on writing office for Yours Truly!



The (Writing) Show Must Go On

Never fear, despite spending most waking moments in the Pursuit of a Home, I’ve been busy making progress on Always the Bride. And good news…It’s SO close to being done that I can taste it! We nearing the grand finale, folks.

After the draft is finished, it’ll be time to dive into edits. But that brass ring is coming around on the merry-go-round…I can almost see it.


Until next time!


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