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It’s Snippet Sunday, when participating writers share 8-10 sentences from their work in progress! Check out more snippets from fellow authors at http://wewriwa.com.

I’m alternating snippets between here and the blog for my *other pen name.*

I have another snippet from Visions, the novel I’ve been reworking to offer as a free read.  This snippet has been edited for length to fit the snippet format. A quick synopsis of Visions:

A movie star becomes a real-life hero…

Actor Trenton Dane is researching his next role when he bumps into a beautiful stranger—and suddenly develops her psychic powers. She disappears in the crowd, but they must find one another again for Trenton  to fulfill premonitions of their future as well as to save Glory and her child from danger. He will fail at one of these tasks.

Setup for the snippet: Last time, Trenton arrived at his movie premiere looking for the mystery woman who’d awakened new abilities and premonitions of their future. He doesn’t spot her on the red carpet walk and hopes he will later. Now we fast forward a bit to where the screening has just ended, and Trenton is still inside the theater, being congratulated and schmoozed…


When Trenton’s gaze landed on the upper balcony, his eyes widened. There she was, an ethereal vision backlit by the pure white light pouring down from the projection room. Her eyes were fixed on him, and his breath caught on the alluring upward curve of her lips. The euphoria that had been swirling just out of reach began a rapid descent into his stomach.

He grabbed the theater manager, a harried man who walked in wild, jerking steps and frequently mopped at his brow with a handkerchief, and pointed the woman out to him with a few instructions. Yet another investor shook Trenton’s hand up and down like he was hand pumping a well, but Trenton’s attention kept flicking to the woman the manager was escorting down the aisle. His mystery gypsy floated along in a breeze of sheer pink fabric, her hair a seductively chaotic tumble of curls that bounced along until she was deposited in front of him.

“You ran out on me,” he said.

“I wouldn’t say I ran,” she said, tipping up her delicate chin. “It was more of a hastily executed saunter.”

…What do you think?

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