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As part of my schedule for the new year, I’ll be alternating snippets here with ones on the blog for my *other pen name.* Today, I’m sharing a snippet from Visions, my first novel ever, which I’m currently updating and polishing to offer as a free read.  The snippet has been edited from the original version to fit the snippet format. A quick synopsis of Visions:

A movie star becomes a real-life hero…

Actor Trenton Dane is researching his next role when he bumps into a beautiful stranger—and suddenly develops her psychic powers. Single mom Glory Windsor is intent on forgetting about her “gift”, along with the painful consequences it has caused.

When his enchanting benefactor disappears in the crowd, Trenton launches a search for the woman who haunts his dreams long after their meeting. Glory would rather stay hidden, even if Trenton’s movie-star smile and unique pull draws her to him in unexpected ways. He must succeed in order to fulfill premonitions of their future as well as to save Glory and her child from danger. He will fail at one of these tasks. Finding a happy ending will prove the most challenging role he’s ever undertaken.

Setup for the snippet: Trenton arrives at the premiere of the movie he’d been researching when he’d bumped into a woman who awoke an ability he can’t explain. Something, whether hope or his new intuition, tells him she might be there. Meanwhile, he climbs out of his limo and walks the red carpet with his co-star…


Blinding camera flashes strobed at Trenton before he managed to plant a foot on the red carpet, the crowds calling out to him in hopes of an autograph, a handshake, or to just lock eyes for a brief moment. A waggle of neon pink caught the corner of his eye, and he turned to see a feverish girl waving a poster proclaiming Marry Me, Trent! His smile and wave to her aroused a shade of pink on her face even brighter than the sign.

“Hey hunk,” came the purring lilt of Kylie Kate Rossi’s voice in his ear.

He turned to embrace his impossibly dazzling co-star, a sight that would no doubt set tabloids burning with the latest round of speculation about their non-existent romantic involvement.

“You shouldn’t encourage girls like that one unless you’re aching for a good old-fashioned stalking,” Kylie said, nodding toward Pink Sign Girl.

“She’s looks to be a harmless enough kid,” he said, busy scanning the crowd for a certain head of lustrous caramel waves.

“They all seem harmless until you’re in a courtroom begging for a restraining order. So, is your mystery gypsy here?”

“There’s still time to find her,” he said, but further speculation was cut off when a microphone was thrust into his face.


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