Bits and Bobs Feb 2019: First Snow

Bits and Bobs is my monthly update featuring personal tidbits and writing news.

Bits and Bobs for February 2019…

January came and went so quickly that I didn’t even get an update posted. And February almost blew by as well, but I’m barely squeaking in some news before March comes in like a lion (and hopefully goes out like a lamb).

Personal News

Those of you who live in, well, most of the rest of the country will probably laugh at this photo, but for us it was a big deal. We had our first snow at the new house, which also marked my first snow on the ground at any house I’ve ever lived in and Bri’s first time experiencing snow at all. (That’s what happens when you live in a sunny desert climate.)

Granted, the snow only lasted a day, but it was a rather magical experience. Doubly magical was the fact that snow stayed on the ground at our house after all traces had melted everywhere else in our neighborhood.

Writing News

Busy plotting and planning the next book!

In my December update, I talked about my project schedule for the coming year, which includes more releases from the Going to the Altar series. Good news is, I spent all month plotting and outlining Book 2, Never the Bridesmaid, and I’m just about to dive into writing the first draft. And naturally, since the weather has been such a big deal lately around here, including the mountain areas where the series is based, it inspired some scenes for the book.

Until next time!

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