Bits and Bobs December 2018: Writing Schedule for 2019

Bits and Bobs is my monthly update featuring personal tidbits and writing news.

Bits and Bobs for December 2018…

The year is almost over! Here’s to a Happy New Year for us all. 

This is the time when I make plans for the coming year. New calendars, day planners, and schedules keep me busy through the last week of the year. I made some decisions about my writing projects for 2019 as well as some other things. But first, a quick personal update:


Personal News


our gingerbread house!

Since I work in a hospital, I usually spend at least some holiday time on the job. Not this year! I was fortunate enough to have a lovely five-day stretch with the family over the holiday, our first in the new house.

We decorated a gingerbread house, played lots of games (Uno, Clue, Monopoly, Gin Rummy, Go Fish, you name it!), baked cookies, and ate All.The.Food. It was great fun to spend some time hanging out and unwinding.



2019 Writing Schedule


I set goals and plans for my writing each year, along with some personal goals. It’s tough, because while it’s fun and tempting to cram all sorts of book projects into the calendar, I have other things to schedule in (family, the day job, homeschooling, etc). Juggling everything is always a challenge, but I’ve come up with what I hope is a solid plan.

For the coming 12 months (January 2019-January 2020), I have four new books scheduled, two for each pen name. I also hope to re-release at least one older title under my other pen name as well. So potentially five new books for the year. Not too shabby.

I’ll be launching 2019 with a release from my paranormal pen name, but then I’ll be hard at work on the next Going to the Altar romance, Never the Bridesmaid. I’ve got it planned for a May release. The third and final in the series is slated for January 2020.

Until next time!

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