Bits and Bobs November 2019: National Novel Writing Month Returns!

Bits and Bobs is my monthly update featuring personal tidbits and writing news.

Bits and Bobs for November 2019…

Hello! Time has flown since my last post here, and I thought an update was long overdue. Here’s the latest from the California high desert:

Personal News

Fall has arrived on the heels of a bustling summer. We successfully transplanted my retired in-laws from Northern California here to the desert, where they’ve settled into a lovely place just five minutes up the road.

Our youngest has been busy with friends, her homeschool group, 4-H meetings, a Halloween dance, and turning Sweet 16! I can’t believe how the time has flown. Last night, she went trick-or-treating “One last time before my childhood is over,” her words. She sure knows exactly how to catch me right in the feels! Sigh.

Writing News

It’s National Novel Writing Month! Every November for thirteen years, I join with tons of others to produce the first draft of a novel (or 50,000 words of one) in thirty days. This year, I’m working on Forever the Flowergirl, Book 3 of the Going to the Altar series. I spent October outlining Stacie’s romance tale, and it’s a whopper! Wish me luck.

Until next time!

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