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I’m alternating snippets between here and the blog for my *other pen name.*

Okay, *one* more snippet from Visions. The special extended revision is finished and prepped to go out to my arc readers.

A quick synopsis of Visions:

A movie star becomes a real-life hero…

Actor Trenton Dane is researching his next role when he bumps into a beautiful stranger—and suddenly develops her psychic powers. She disappears in the crowd, but they must find one another again for Trenton to fulfill premonitions of their future, as well as to save Glory and her child from danger. He will fail at one of these tasks.

Setup for the snippet: Last time, Trenton and Glory were inundated with paparazzi flashbulbs and questions about their relationship. We finished with: Without hesitation, the limo pulled away and slid into neon-lit nightlife of the Sunset strip.


We move on from there right into the next chapter, in Glory’s POV…

AS LARGE AS THE LIMOUSINE appeared from the outside, the interior closed in tight around Glory, sending a quiver through her stomach. Though she’d scooted across the seat and glued herself to the far window, she might as well have been pressed to Trenton’s side. The dim lighting, provided by a string of tiny white bulbs along the upper edge of the compartment, only added to the air of forced intimacy.

What’s your relationship with Trenton Dane? the press had asked. What was she supposed to say, that he was a stranger she’d bumped into and had a vision about?

After the driver confirmed their destination, Trenton slid back against the lush upholstery, positioning himself in the middle of the bench seat instead of clinging to his own window the way she was doing. Not close enough to suggest he was trying to impose himself on her, but it was still too close.

“Would you like something?” he asked, gesturing to the mini bar across from them.

“No, thank you, I’m fine.” Fine being a relative term compared to, say, someone who’d fallen overboard in a storm without a life jacket.


…What do you think?

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