Review of Storks (Movie)

storksMy husband and I have a weekly date day, which often spills over into family time. And quite often, our date consists of indulging one of our biggest obsessions: movies. This week, we settled in to watch Storks, which we expected to be a bit of mindless entertainment.

We hadn’t expected it to be a hilariously fun afternoon.

Just like with my book reviews (here and on Goodreads), I don’t like to discuss any spoilers. That said, Storks made me laugh more than I had in a while, which is saying something because I loved Moana. ┬áThe animation of the babies is adorable, and that of those reacting to said cuteness even more so. ┬áThe story is about as deep in plot as most animated features these days, but I didn’t care because yeah, funny and cute. And oh yes, a wolf pack that almost made me spit out my popcorn.

If you’re looking for something the family will enjoy, give Storks a shot.

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