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Snippet Sunday with Janell MichaelsIt’s Snippet Sunday, when participating writers share 8-10 sentences from their work in progress! Check out more snippets from fellow authors at http://wewriwa.com.

I’ve moved on from Visions, which I’m excited to say is currently in soft launch and will be officially announced shortly. Moving on this week, I’ve turned my attention back to Always the Bride, my NaNoWriMo project that I plan to publish later this year. This is the first in a series of wedding-themed romances. A quick synopsis:

Sometimes, ulterior motives can lead to true love…

Helping with her boss’s wedding plans is the last thing jilted bride Elizabeth needs after hiding away for months to lick her wounds. Handsome photographer Grant might lure her heart out of seclusion-but can he be trusted? His motives for wooing the stubborn beauty involve her ex-fiancee’s revenge…and a reward that will fund college tuition for his troubled little sister. How can they get to I Do’s when Grant’s plan involves leaving her at the altar?

The snippet: Last time I shared a snippet, Grant had just agreed to a large fee to shoot a celebrity’s wedding in hopes it would cover his little sister’s college tuition…but he found out that he’s short by a good sixty thousand dollars.  We finished with:  His good mood evaporated in the knowledge that unless his new puppy-wielding client had seven friends willing to pay him an outrageous fee, Sammy’s Columbia university dream was about to go up in a puff of unrealized ambition.

Let’s move ahead a few paragraphs. A friend and frat brother “just happens” to drive up out of the blue, and they do a little catching up…

“That woman I saw you with…” Ty said, trailing off for a moment to shake his head, “please tell me you aren’t making the mistake of a lifetime by taking her for a walk down the aisle?”

“I’m here purely on business.” Grant held up the camera around his neck. “Georgia’s a photography client, not my fiancée.”

“I wasn’t talking about her—I meant her assistant, Lizzie.”

Grant furrowed his brow. “You know her?”

Ty put a hand on his shoulder. “Ony her in the most damning, humiliating way a man can know a woman. I almost married her.”

…Small world, eh? What do you think?

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