NaNo Day 24: Thankful for Writing (and More)

nano_16_winnerThe National Novel Writing challenge, aka NaNoWriMo, is underway! I’ll be posting daily progress updates on Always the Bride, Book 1 of the Going to the Altar series!

Day 24

With yesterday being my official 50k “win”, I thought about taking today off. But no, I was back pounding keys, only adding 1100+ to the manuscript, but that’s more than I had yesterday.

For those celebrating Thanksgiving, have a happy one! I’ll be heading to the day job in a bit (being a hospital, they don’t exactly close down for holidays), but the family will have some leftovers waiting for me when I get home. Yay!

My favorite line written:

“…it seemed that any time his mind wasn’t actively involved in busy work, his automatic go—to these days was to want to hear Lizzie’s voice or read her amusing text messages.”

My progress:

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