The Walking Dead S7 Rollercoaster Begins (No Spoilers)

popcornFor those of you who haven’t fired up the Roku or DVR to catch last night’s shocking opener of The Walking Dead, fear not! I offer you no spoilers below. Just a few reflections.
With the whole Negan/Lucille cliffhanger in the air, I’ll say that this was my most anticipated episode of TWD ever. I raced home from work, ready to grab the TV snacks and settle in for the biggest “Who??” answer since the “Who Shot J.R.?” debacle back in the Dallas era. Waiting for the streaming services to pick it up was absolute torture, and when we finally saw it pop up on AMC’s website at almost 2a.m., exhaustion turned to LET’S DO THIS!

Let the fun begin.

In terms of sheer tension and outright gore, this is one for the TWD record books, folks. And that’s saying something for a show that has prided itself on amazing makeup effects and nail-biting anticipation. If you’ve steered clear of the spoilers, thank heavens! HURRY and watch it, because you won’t escape for long. Me, I was treated to a mini-spoiler at work that turned out to be true, so a bit of a bummer there. So many theories, plus “leaked” script posts and people tweeting/FB’g along with the show made it inevitable, I suppose.

All I can say is, how on earth will the writers match the intensity of the opener in the following episodes?¬†They’ve got some big shoes to fill. I find myself torn between hoping the rest of the season isn’t a letdown by comparison and NEVER wanting to go through this again. LOL.





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