Bits and Bobs for October: Flu Season, The Good Doctor, Book Rewrites

Bits and Bobs is my monthly update featuring personal tidbits and writing news.

Bits and Bobs for October…

Well, September got away from me completely and I didn’t get to post an update.  I did, however, manage to put out a newsletter and give away a free Blue Apron meal kit shipment, which was fun! Here’s what’s been happening…


Nurse Tina on duty!

Flu Season

After the fall at work and knee issue I mentioned in my August update, I’m glad to report that I’m done with the cane and physical therapy. I have some soreness, and the bone is tender. Can’t roll around on the floor with the dog (puppy sad face), but I’m doing much better. Yay. So I got cleared by the doc, had my flu shot at the beginning of the month, and figured I was good to go for the season. Um, yeah.

Two weeks later, some Mystery Crud knocked me down for almost a week. Sigh.  I kept up with some writing duties, but I was off work for the duration and am still not one hundred percent. On the up side, the dog, being a concerned citizen during my bedrest, wanted to play nursemaid and became my personal chest warmer. Awww.


The Good Doctor

Speaking of flu season and medical stuff, I’ve got myself hooked on a great new TV show.

I should preface this by admitting I don’t watch “medical” shows like Gray’s Anatomy or House. I work in a hospital, so I generally want my entertainment plopped into a different setting. But I saw the premise for The Good Doctor and had to check it out. I enjoyed the pilot episode so much that I re-watched it immediately.

The Good Doctor is about a young man with autism who gets hired as a surgical resident. The title role is wonderfully acted by Freddie Highmore (Norman in Bates Motel). The fascinating portrayal of how his unique savant talents and thought processes both hinder and catapult him into genius-level deductions are only part of what makes this appealing. The character’s backstory, delivered in small doses when his near-perfect sensory memory triggers powerful moments that defined his life, make this a show that delivers big. Check this one out if you haven’t already.

And in other news, The Walking Dead started up again this week. I’m anxious to see how things shape up with Negan.


Book Rewrites

If you’ve been wondering when Always the Bride is coming out, I haven’t forgotten it! I did quite a bit of work on it over the summer during my cabin retreat up in Lake Arrowhead (both the cabin style and the setting are portrayed in the book). Still, something seemed to be missing. After doing some soul searching and consulting trusted author friends about character motivation, I came up with a much stronger, more compelling set of circumstances surrounding the hero. I’m super excited about it. But this means rewriting every single scene and adding additional scenes for both characters. It’ll be worth the wait, I promise!

Meanwhile, Once Every Spring released last month, and I’ve been humbled and thrilled to see the supportive, positive response to this unusual tale. Amazon readers are saying things like, “Didn’t want it to end,” and, “A beautiful love story.” So if you’re looking for a fun, different, and yet powerful romance to read while you’re waiting for Always the Bride, you can pick up Once Every Spring in ebook or paperback over on Amazon. Get it Now

Until next time!

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