Bits and Bobs for August: Physical Therapy, Blue Apron, New Book!

Bits and Bobs AugustBits and Bobs is my monthly update featuring personal tidbits and writing news.

Bits and Bobs for August…

August is super hot where I live, a great time to stay indoors and beat the heat by sipping iced whatever and getting in some writing time. Good thing, since just after my July update I had a slip and fall at work that’s had me hobbling around with a cane!


My new look

Physical Therapy! Yes, so this happened…managed to fall on a hard floor right smack on my knees, mostly the left. I was issued my official old lady cane, a slick knee brace that has won many compliments (ha), and a stern warning from the doctor to do Sit Down Duty ONLY at work. Which is fine and dandy when I’ve got on my writing hat, but a bit trickier at the day job.

Nothing’s broken and no surgery is necessary, but there’s some tendonitis and bone bruising and such that still has me hobbling around five and a half weeks later. The doctor offered me crutches this week, but I prefer my stylin’ cane. Physical therapy began this week, so hopefully I’ll be running around before too long.

Tina the wonder pup is quite put out and can’t understand why we’re not doing our walks or rolling on the floor (since I can neither get down there nor get up).

Don’t try this at home, folks. Can’t recommend it.


Blue Apron: Fellow author K.M. Weiland had posted a while back about trying Blue Apron (the meal delivery service). I’ve been meaning to give this a whirl, but had kept putting it off until now.  With these services, you get a box delivered each week with the ingredients and recipes needed to make different dinners. The deliveries come packed in insulated bags on ice, so they stay fresh.

I signed up for the 2-person, 3-dinner-per-week plan, and after receiving two shipments, I’m pretty happy. The food is quite tasty, and preparation is simple.  It’s fun to receive ingredients I wouldn’t ever think to use, including some I can’t even pronounce. The ginger and lemongrass rice I made with my salmon for the first week was absolute heaven!

Even better, Blue Apron announced that they are partnered with this season of Master Chef and will be offering up winning recipes on the show for me to make over the next couple of weeks. I can’t wait to try this!


Once Every SpringNew Book – Now on Preorder!

I’m excited to say that Once Every Spring, my time-travel-alternate-reality romance, is now up for preorder…and it’s got a nifty little preview trailer to boot. I just ordered my proofs for the print book, so hopefully that will be out soon as well. I can’t wait to hold it in my hands!

About Once Every Spring: Dana’s about to write off her birthday when she lands in a world she can’t believe exists…alone with a man she apparently dreamed up to be her guide to the unsettlingly real hallucination. Or is it?

Adam is all sorts of perfect and impossible to resist, but he’s hiding things from her-things about his life on the other side. When reality pulls them back to their separate worlds, she must either find him or resign herself to seeing the man she’s fallen for…only once every spring.

Preorder on Amazon


Until next time!

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