Book Review of Sealed With a Kiss

Sealed with a Kiss (Emerald Lake Billionaires 1) by Leanna Morgan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My book review of The Darkest Night:

I truly enjoyed this sweet romance book and found the characters intriguing. An ex-SEAL billionaire/father of a little girl and the teacher he hires to tutor her make for quite a pairing. I enjoyed the Montana setting too, written just beautifully. Side characters were fun in this as well, and a few of the scenes made me laugh out loud. The heroine is involved in this really neat bridesmaid dress recycling program too. I hope there’s more of that featured in the series.

This would have been five stars if not for a few niggles, a couple I won’t go into here because they involve spoilers. One thing is that the big argument that threatens to break up the romance happens because of something the heroine does that makes zero sense for her to do in light of everything going on at that point. Then he just goes from scorched earth to getting over it abruptly. The end wraps up really quick, and I’d have loved to see a little post scene/chapter after the Happily Ever After moment.

Nevertheless, this was a well told, fun, and poignant tale set in a wintry Christmas Montana. Lovely and worth curling up with your favorite beverage to read.

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