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With the conclusion of NaNoWriMo earlier this week, I stopped daily updates/favorite lines written and resumed normal blogging….but I wanted to share another snippet from Always the Bride.

A quick synopsis:

Sometimes, ulterior motives can lead to true love…

Helping with her boss’s wedding plans is the last thing recently jilted bride Elizabeth needs while she’s hiding away to lick her wounds. Handsome photographer Grant might lure her heart out of seclusion-but can he be trusted? His motives for wooing the stubborn beauty involve her ex-fiancee’s revenge…and if he succeeds, the reward will fund college tuition for his troubled little sister. How can they get to I Do’s when Grant’s plan involves leaving her at the altar? Or has his plan-and his heart-changed?

Last week, Grant’s sister had a minor alcohol-related car accident. She was distressed that she couldn’t afford college, thanks to the terms of their father’s will.  Since we’ve met both the lead characters over the course of NaNo, I thought we’d skip ahead a bit to where the two of them meet.


The little dog took off like a barking bullet toward a cat that was sauntering across the promenade, ignoring shouts to come back. Elizabeth gave chase, her thighs feeling the burn and her feet taking the jarring impact of her heels striking pavement. A man with a camera around his neck, who appeared to be in lean, athletic shape, dashed past her in pursuit.

The puppy made it to the curb and was about to race in front of a delivery van when the man lunged. It all happened in a blur, but suddenly he was on the ground, the wriggling canine in his hands, as the van rushed past with a jarring honk.

Elizabeth’s heart thudded in her throat as she caught up to where the dog was licking the man’s face, wagging her tail like nothing had happened. The hero of the hour had wavy, dark hair and chiseled features that struck Elizabeth as quite appealing, at least until his penetrating green eyes narrowed at her.

“Thank you so much—are you all right?” she asked him as he held up the pooch, which she scooped into her arms.

“I hope you learned a hard lesson about taking your dog out in public without a leash,” he said, groaning a bit as he got to his feet.

“Excuse me,” she snapped, “but before you climb on that high horse, it might interest you to know that this isn’t my dog.”



…What did you think?


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