NaNo Day 27: Wasted Opportunities -Snippet Sunday

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NaNo Day 27

Today I’m sharing a bit more from Always the Bride. Synopsis:

Sometimes, ulterior motives can lead to true love…

Helping with her boss’s wedding plans is the last thing recently jilted bride Elizabeth needs while she’s hiding away to lick her wounds. Handsome photographer Grant might lure her heart out of seclusion-but can he be trusted? His motives for wooing the stubborn beauty involve her ex-fiancee’s revenge…and if he succeeds, the reward will fund college tuition for his troubled little sister. How can they get to I Do’s when Grant’s plan involves leaving her at the altar? Or has his plan-and his heart-changed?

Last week, we met Grant, who’d been mentally celebrating the end of his wedding photography days when he got a phone call from his kid sister’s friend, indicating there was trouble involving Sammy. We ended with:

“I told her not to, but there was this party…and she insisted on driving home. You’d better come.”

Let’s pick up shortly after, where he has arrived at the scene of the party to find Sammy’s car jammed against the party house’s mailbox and his drunk sister sitting on the curb…


“Why were you drinking, Sammy?” Grant asked, his heart pounding harder with each horrific image that popped up of how much worse the accident could have been.

She handed him a letter in her hand, which was wrinkled as though it had been crumpled up. “I got in.”

“Columbia…that’s where you wanted to go.”

“I can’t go to to college now—it’s too expensive.”

“Did you talk to the trustee?”

“I can’t touch the money until I’m thirty, period, thanks to dear old dad being more worried about screwing you than a real future for me.”

Her eyes, bleary as they were, glowered while she picked up an empty beer bottle lying in the gutter. “So cheers, brother. Here’s to wasted opportunities.”


…What did you think?

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