Movie Review of Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Review of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Movie

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There are movies that make you smile for the sheer joy of watching them. The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise definitely fits the bill for me. Packed with action, great music, and plenty of cheesy camp humor, I was entertained from start to finish (right to the end of the credits…be sure to sit through them for not one but FIVE brief post-credit vignettes).

And Kurt Russell was awesome…both young and old.

The effects involving making Kurt Russell’s younger self were pretty convincing, for the most part, and I certainly enjoyed watching him act in scenes with Christ Pratt. Who, oh my, really got into some great shape for this role. The ensemble cast is as crazy as ever, every one of which is a fun and yet layered/complex character. Some of the humor was almost ludicrous (the remote attack ships are quite the seventies video game homage), but it’s all for a good cause–saving the universe, of course. And little Groot very nearly steals the show right from the opening credits, which is hilariously handled from his point of view.

To sum up the film, go see it! Also, I Am Groot.

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