NaNo Day 13: Satisfying Closure-Snippet Sunday

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NaNo Day13

Week 2: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. They always say the second week’s the hardest!  I was all over the map with word count. One day I managed 4k, then I missed another day completely and almost missed out the day after that. Too much Life Stuff.

Today I get to share a bit more from Always the Bride. Synopsis:

Sometimes, ulterior motives can lead to true love…

Helping with her boss’s wedding plans is the last thing recently jilted bride Elizabeth needs while she’s hiding away to lick her wounds. Handsome photographer Grant might lure her heart out of seclusion-but can he be trusted? His motives for wooing the stubborn beauty involve her ex-fiancee’s revenge…and if he succeeds, the reward will fund college tuition for his troubled little sister. How can they get to I Do’s when Grant’s plan involves leaving her at the altar? Or has his plan-and his heart-changed?

Last week, we met Lizzie, whose roommate had just come home to find her smeared with paint and sitting among a sea of scattered photographs. We ended with: “Thank god. I thought you were doing something crazy.” Her roommate’s green eyes wandered over the mass of photographs that had obliterated the living room. “Although the jury may still be out on that.”

Let’s pick up from there…


Stacie picked up one of the many photos scattered around the furniture. “I thought we talked about you deleting these pictures, not memorializing them for all time.”

Lizzie glanced at the image, which featured Ty’s killer grin and his arm hooked around her neck at a party. “We looked so happy there, but right after that was taken he got so toasted that I had to hide his car keys.”

“So why send unhappy memories through the one-hour photo?”

“A simple click on the delete button just didn’t feel good enough.” She picked up a stack of photos and waved them at her friend. “This, on the other hand…” she paused to feed a couple images into the small shredder standing on the floor beside the coffee table. The machine whirred to life, and she grinned ear to ear at the sound of the past being ground to paper bits. “Now that’s satisfying.”


…What did you think?

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